'Claron Park' 
 Claron Park Produce -  Award Winning Specialty Produce
Gluten Free, Nut Free, Yeast Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free
O'Bryan's Natural Products - Ideal for Psoriasis, Dermatitis & Eczema


What is ‘Claron Park’ and O’Bryan’s Natural Products  - What do they produce ?


O’Bryan’s Natural Products is a small family operated business that produces truly Natural Skin Care and Personal Care products produced predominately for herbs and plants grown from our property - ‘Claron Park’ at Cootamundra in the Riverina Region of Southern New South Wales.


‘Claron Park’ also produces a range of specialty herbs and vegetables and these are marketed within season along with our award winning range of sauces, pickles chutneys and felafels.


Our product range includes natural Australian and European recipes handed down from generation to generation in our family.


What makes our produce and products unique ?


Our natural skin care product range is SLS, Petrochemical, Paraben and Alcohol free.  We only use organically grown natural ingredients.  The combination of herbal extracts and oils used in our product range are those proven beneficial for sensitive skins, psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.


We produce the botanical and herbal extracts used in our range using decoction, steam distillation and infusion methods. We do not use chemical extraction methods.

Along with our usual farm fresh seasonal produce Claron Park have unveiled an incredibly tasty new range of Felafel and Vegetarian Burgers packed full of all the best locally sourced ingredients we have grown to love from ‘Claron Park’.

Where do our main ingredients come from?  How are they grown?


The herbs, produce and botanicals in our product range are mostly grown on ‘Claron Park’ where we have herb, physic and native herb plantings.


We produce a small amount of the Lemon Myrtle contained in our product range for infusion and decoction. The essential oil is grown and produced on a family property near Lismore on the north coast of NSW. We are one of the very few growers and producers of the native wild herb ‘Old Man Weed’ Centipeda Cunninghamii.


All plantings are organically grown. We do not use chemicals or phosphates.


Beeswax, Macadamia & Sunflower Oils form the basis of our lotions, balms and salves and are sourced locally where possible . All of the oils that we use are cold pressed and Non Genetically Modified....


What is our Philosophy?

We consider that the garden is the world’s oldest medicine chest.  Our ancestors knew and trusted the healing properties of herbs, and, as the burgeoning worldwide interest in herbal medicine indicates, we are learning once again to appreciate the vast range of medicines nature has to offer.

Where can you find ‘Claron Park’ and O’Bryan’s Natural Products


Captial Region Farmers Market - Exhibition Centre Canberra

Southside Farmers Market – Canberra Institute of Technology, Canberra

Northside Farmers Market – University of Canberra, Belconnen